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Coming to Canada? Get a free sim on arrival!

If you are planning to reach Canada and thinking to have a Canadian number and you do not have a credit card and other Canadian ID? Get a "Lucky prepaid" sim at no cost from our team and get a $10 discount for six months. You do not need to change your existing number, you may use the same Canadian number if you wish. It can be activated immediately after delivery.  Advantages: Free sim No activation fee No hidden charges $ 10 discount for 6 months Free delivery of SIM to your doorstep* Why Lucky sim? Using Bell's vast network Will work even on highways It is prepaid, with no monthly bill surprise No commitment or contract Use on your Indian mobile phones Click here to Email Us and we will provide the sim at your doorstep* for free. Or call us at +1 (306) 912-9359 (Leave your message on the voice mail or WhatsApp on this number.  * Terms apply, if you can buy a sim from a local store, we will pay you the charges.

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