As an international student, what to do after PPR and Canada Visa stamping?

First of all, congratulations! PPR is a passport request and you may consider it as visa approval and when visa stamped, you are eligible to travel to Canada. 

  1. Inform the college or university 
  2. Book flight 
  3. Book 3 days mandatory hotel 
  4. Book 14 days quarantine stay 
  5. Find out a place where you will stay while study 
1. Inform the college 
Without any delay, email the college and ask them what else needs to be done. Every college or university may have different rules. For instance, colleges in Ontario asks students to upload PPR and visa stamping copy on OCAS portal (OCAS is the admission portal for all the colleges in Ontario). 

I have written a detailed document for Conestoga College students: 

2. Book flight - Air India and Air Canada recommended 
Simple rule, book early get a better deal. 
Why these two flights recommended? 
Due to Corona, other airlines may be cancelled for some locations and there would be some issues with the connecting flight. So these two airlines will give you peace of mind. 
Air India provides 3 bags of 23 KG to students while Air Canada do not. 

3. Book 3 days mandatory hotel 

From Feb 2021, the Canadian government impose 3 days mandatory hotel quarantine for all the international students (and others too, since I will be talking about international students only here, so other info will not be provided) it costs from CAD 790 to 2000 per person depending on the hotel and location. 

The cheapest option was Comfort Inn Toronto at 790 CAD when I booked it 50 days in advance.

Find out the full list here

I am pasting a list of Toronto hotels here for your reference: 

4. Book 14 days quarantine stay 
After booking 3 days mandatory stay, you have to book 11 or 14 days quarantine which may be provided by some colleges and universities. Some colleges ask students to book that room by themselves. If you wish to book, try Airbnb for that. The minimum cost per day can be CAD 30 to CAD 60 for single occupancy. But finding a room with a private bathroom might be a tough task. Make sure you read terms and conditions before booking the room. 

5. Find out a place where you will stay while study Again, Airbnb can be helpful here, but that is best for the short term stays to replace hotels and save money. But for the long term stay, you may find a place by sharing room ranges from 350 to 450 CAD per month in Kitchener, Waterloo area. Make sure you check if utility cost is included or not in the monthly rent.

Feel free to ask your queries on comments, I will reply to all the comments.

I hope, you like this information useful. 

Your friend 

Disclaimer: This is just to provide some insights and overview. I do not take responsibility if anything is not correct. Do your own research before taking any decision.

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