Canada student visa after 35 years of age?

Most of the consultants will not take your case by saying that due to the age and education gap your student visa will be rejected.

But the actual story is slightly different. 

This is true, after 29 years of age, you will start losing 5 points per year from your CRS score for Canada PR. So it is easy to assume that Canada wants young people aged less than 29 so that they can get people who can be young, do the job for a longer period before retirement. But with the qualification such as Ph.D., French skills and other things you can increase your score for PR.

Coming back to my view on student visas for experienced people. I have seen many people age 42 and 44 also got their study visas. It is possible to get your Canada study visa at this age too, but you have to keep few things in your mind.


Some people misinterpret "gap" here. Gap actually means - doing nothing. If after your graduation, you're doing a full-time job and you can submit your employment proofs then it will be not considered a gap.

Course selection:

Make sure the course you select in a Canadian college or university is actually going to help you in your career and it should be connected with your existing job. For instance, if I am working as a Product Manager and want to select a course, I should select a course that can help me to grow further in my career. If you don't know what a product manager does, apart from working on strategy, product roadmap a product manager also manages tasks and projects. So, I connected the existing job with the course I selected "Project Management". 

College or Universities:

If you are selecting a very good university that asks for SOP and a good GRE/ GMAT score, then chances of visa approval may be increased. But it is only my assumption because there is negligible rejection for EMBA program at the University of Calgary. I know one person who got admission there and the university administration said that. Technically it does not depend on university or college, but the student's profile. Since these universities already filter and select top candidates, so they ease the visa officers' work. 

If a candidate can justify everything and show proper documents, the visa can be approved with the normal college admission also. You have to make your case stronger with the proper documentation. Do not lie anywhere try to justify your negative points. 

Home ties:

Even though Canada gives additional points to international students to ease the immigration and giving PGWP - Post Graduate Work Permit, the visa officer has to make sure that you have planned to come back to your country after your studies. It means you should have something solid to show that you will come back after the course. Family members staying back when you go to study and if you have a property in your country, it may help you to show that you have reasons to come back to your country. 


Justify why you did your graduation, job, PG, or Masters what were the challenges in your life and why you want to study NOW??? 

I think everyone who wants to study after 35 years, must have few things to justify their story. Read sample SOPs and make sure to write your SOP by yourself. Most agents will only copy paste and they can not know the story of your life. 

At last, I wish a stroke of good luck to all of you to start a new life NOW. Make sure you should not have any regrets in life. Just try whatever you wanted to achieve in your life. Nothing is impossible and you are still not late to restart your journey.

I will keep adding points here, feel free to ask any question in the comments box.

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Disclaimer: Based on some observations and there can be many factors, please do your own research. If you wish to hire a consultant, please make sure the consultant is IRCC registered consultant. 

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