How to get registered for Conestoga College after Visa approval or PPR?

There are two things, if you are traveling to Canada before the start of the program, then you have to send the study permit copy to get registered. 

If you're starting studies online and traveling on a later date, for instance, after a week or a month, then you should email your PPR copy to and you will get an automated reply immediately stating what to do next.

You should upload PPR and visa scanned copy to the OCAS portal. If you do not have access to that portal, please ask your consultant.

Email from Conestoga:

In order to complete the registration process, students must fulfill all of the following: 

  • Update their address (local address must be updated after arrival in Canada) 
  • Full semester fees must be received by the College 
  • Provide a valid visa approval or study permit (considering the current situation- visa stamp on passport, approval letter or study permit received on arrival in Canada) 
  • Confirm the Invoice in the Conestoga Student Portal (click here to view a tutorial on how to confirm your invoice)   
  • Upload photo for ONE card- information is also available on the ONE Card website. Email for more information. Remember to ONLY update your local in-Canada address IF currently in Canada. 

Alternatively, you should contact your program coordinator for BYOD - laptop requirements and get a resolution to your study-related queries.  

Follow this link to find your program coordinator:

How to check if I am registered or not?

Login to the student portal

Click on Finance>> then Program Fee Payment

If you are not registered:
You will get this message.

If you are Registered:

Now you can access the timetable, after the specific date.

If you have any doubt, please feel free to comment, I will try my best to reply with the information.

Disclaimer: This information is only to guide and based on my experience. Please cross-verify it with the college website. I do not take any responsibility for any loss due to this information.