Coming to Canada? Get a free sim on arrival!

If you are planning to reach Canada and thinking to have a Canadian number and you do not have a credit card and other Canadian ID?

Get a "Lucky prepaid" sim at no cost from our team and get a $10 discount for six months. You do not need to change your existing number, you may use the same Canadian number if you wish. It can be activated immediately after delivery. 


  • Free sim
  • No activation fee
  • No hidden charges
  • $ 10 discount for 6 months
  • Free delivery of SIM to your doorstep*
Why Lucky sim?
  • Using Bell's vast network
  • Will work even on highways
  • It is prepaid, with no monthly bill surprise
  • No commitment or contract
  • Use on your Indian mobile phones
Click here to Email Us and we will provide the sim at your doorstep* for free.

Or call us at +1 (306) 912-9359 (Leave your message on the voice mail or WhatsApp on this number. 

* Terms apply, if you can buy a sim from a local store, we will pay you the charges.

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