How to secure good marks while studying in Canada?

Getting more than 90% marks or A + grade is a challenging task. Marking patterns or grading patterns might be different for different colleges or universities, but there is a common pattern across Canada.

Before starting study:

  • Selection of Time Table - You may get a chance to select your timetable by using your student portal. Based on your preference, you may select 2 - 3 days classes or 4 - 6 days classes, morning classes, afternoon or evening classes.
    • Focus on work - If you are focused on work, then select 2-3 days classes, and then you will have the rest of the days free to do part-time jobs.
    • Focus on the study - If you are focused on academics, I will recommend you to select a timetable where you have one class per day, so that you can attend class, then prepare the assignment the same day. 
    • Tip - Select evening classes, so that you will have time to do morning shifts. Usually, getting a job in the morning shift is easier. Why? Since most of the students are night owls and not available for morning jobs. 
  • Selection of Teacher - If possible, talk to your previous batch of students. They might give you a list of easy professors and tough professors. Try to select teachers who have good domain knowledge and provide better grades. 
After starting study:

  • Teacher's expectation - Make sure to understand what the teacher want. Some teachers want lengthy answers and some of them want short, crisp answers. Some professors explain what is their expectation in the assignment.
  • Attend classes: Always attend classes, if you are not able to attend classes, listen to the recordings. You will learn in the class and that will help you in assignments and eventually be going to help you in final exams too.
  • Timely submission of assignments: Submitting assignments/ discussions on time is the key to securing easy marks. If you need any assistance with assignments, you may talk to our expert at we will take an online session and teach you the topic and explain the purpose of the assignment and you will be able to prepare your assignment properly. 
  • Speak in class: Do not hesitate to ask your doubts in the class. If you regularly give answers and ask queries then the professor might be able to recall your name. It will give you a better chance to score good marks. 
These are good points as in my opinion. If you have any suggestions please feel free to write in the comment section, we will include your suggestion as well.

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Note: The author received three A+ grades out of six courses in the Project Management program. 

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